It’s Time for a Fresh Start

You’ve never worked with a staffing company like The Drexel Group before.

We give our employees and their careers the attention they deserve. We never treat you like a number, a resume or a quick-fix solution.

Drexel Warehouse Worker

Our recruiting team will meet with you to discuss your values, interests and skills. We’ll ask what types of positions you’re looking for and the types of companies you want to work for.

We’re here to help you find not only a job, but possibly a career! Either way, we want to find a position that fits your needs.

We hire for positions in:

  • Administration
  • Construction
  • CSR/Call Centers
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Light Industrial
  • Manufacturing

Drexel Serving waitress

Drexel Dining

We have a specialty division devoted to the hospitality staffing industry: Drexel Dining.

You can make one call to staff all phases of your banquet services and create a tailor made program with us.

Drexel Dining’s comprehensive training and staffing services ensure that we’ll provide you with the most highly qualified and trained professionals for your hospitality positions. We offer weekend and off-hour staffing in addition to traditional work week hours and back our employees with 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, on call assistance.

Ready to Start Your New Career?


I have worked for the Drexel Group for 2 years. I have stayed with the Drexel Group because of the way they treat their employees. I have been treated with respect and like family. The staff always welcomes me with a smile! They have been instrumental in finding me a full-time permanent position. Since I have received a full time job, The Drexel Group has helped many people from my community to get a full-time job even when the economy was in the down-turn. Our community appreciates all that Romayne Johnson and the Drexel group has done for us. We feel that The Drexel Group is more than a staffing service but a caring “Human Service” for the community.


I came to work for Drexel because of the reputation of the people who work there….I’ve stayed with Drexel because of their professionalism and caring attitude. Drexel staff treat employees like family, and take a genuine interest in people. They give you the tools, and teach you the skills you need to succeed, and take great pride in watching that success come to fruition. Drexel Dining offers flexibility in scheduling which is vitally important to me and my family, and offers me opportunities to work in all sorts of dining and banquet venues. I have worked for other dining services