Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m going to be late to an assignment?

Do your best to be on time, but if you are going to be late, call The Drexel Group only (Camp Hill/Drexel Dining 717-730-9841, York 717-979-9841) and we will inform your employer.

What should I wear to work?

Wear appropriate clothing. If your company has a dress code, follow it. If your company has safety equipment, use it! 

Who is responsible for my timecard, me or my supervisor?

Responsibility for timecards depends on your job assignment. Please confirm with your job counselor before beginning the assignment.

What should I do if I’m ill or have a personal emergency?

If you are sick or will not be going to work for any other reason, make sure you call The Drexel Group only at least two hours before your start time. After three (3) days of absence you are required to have a medical excuse from your doctor when you return to work.

What should I do if I am injured on the job?

If you have an accident at work and you are injured call The Drexel Group immediately.  

What should I do if the weather is bad when I’m supposed to report to an assignment?

If the roads are clear, go to work! Get there as soon as possible. If you need help with transportation, contact your job counselor at the Drexel Group.


I have worked for the Drexel Group for 2 years. I have stayed with the Drexel Group because of the way they treat their employees. I have been treated with respect and like family. The staff always welcomes me with a smile! They have been instrumental in finding me a full-time permanent position. Since I have received a full time job, The Drexel Group has helped many people from my community to get a full-time job even when the economy was in the down-turn. Our community appreciates all that Romayne Johnson and the Drexel group has done for us. We feel that The Drexel Group is more than a staffing service but a caring “Human Service” for the community.


I came to work for Drexel because of the reputation of the people who work there….I’ve stayed with Drexel because of their professionalism and caring attitude. Drexel staff treat employees like family, and take a genuine interest in people. They give you the tools, and teach you the skills you need to succeed, and take great pride in watching that success come to fruition. Drexel Dining offers flexibility in scheduling which is vitally important to me and my family, and offers me opportunities to work in all sorts of dining and banquet venues. I have worked for other dining services